Shania Wong

Shania Wong

Shania Wong, from Singapore
Position: Marketing Intern  

Why did you join Coto?

I joined Coto because I wanted to try working in a new environment, practice my Japanese and explore a new country. Coto has many bilingual staff which really helped me during my time here! Furthermore, being a Japanese School, there are many chances for me to improve my Japanese language abilities! There are many patient and experienced sensei(s) and staff that are available to help when I need to clarify things.

What is your current position and work?

I am a marketing intern at Coto! My work consists of managing Coto’s social media accounts, newsletters, helping out at events, some administration and ad hoc tasks.

What is the good points of working at Coto?

You get to meet lots of people from around the world, and learn more about others’ cultures and way of life! The staff here are also very friendly and welcoming, and there’s always something new every month.

What are your future goals?

To be able to travel freely and work independently from anywhere as long as I have a device and internet connection! I would love to go on an adventure as much as I can because life’s short right? So to start off, I’m currently preparing for my upcoming 2 month long backpacking trip through South East Asia!

Message to those who are interested in applying for Coto

Take this as an opportunity to improve your Japanese language too. It’s always great to know another language. There are many opportunities for you to learn and grow with Coto so come join us!

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