Coto offers language instruction to help provide better communication skills and career guidance support to
all our international residents in Japan, who come from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds.

Japanese language education

We provide Japanese lessons which concentrate on improving conversational skills. Our students are primarily foreign residents ranging from their twenties to their forties (excluding exchange students) who have come to Japan from all over the world. With classes limited to small group lessons of up to 8 people, using original educational materials, we provide flexible lessons compatible with our students' experience and understanding levels. With our unique and flexible instructional system, we can adapt to our students' schedules and provide a sustainable Japanese language-learning environment, so that even students who are busy with work or home duties can continue with their lessons.

human resources

In an effort to contribute to the further development of Japanese companies which strive to globalize their businesses, we have launched the human resources company "Coto Work", which introduces companies to foreign nationals with international business experience, as well as bilingual Japanese persons.

seminar business

As part of our efforts to support corporations which continue to globalize their businesses, we can dispatch instructors who can organize and conduct language seminars inside their companies. Our services include business conversation seminars, email corrections, group seminars for new hires, workshops specializing in customer service, etc. We can customize these seminars in any way to match your practical needs, language levels, and goals. We offer lessons not only in Japanese, but in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, etc. We can support your business in any region or country you serve.

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