Intern (marketing staff)

Shania Wong

As a member of the marketing team, you will be involved in promoting a Japanese-language school. Here, you can play an active role while acquiring practical experience in areas such as SNS communication, graphic design, and event promotion.


・Be a student enrolled in a university or graduate school

・Be proficient in both English and Japanese (One language being to business level or above and the other being at conversational level or above).

・Have good communication skills and the ability to work responsibly.

・Be able to work three or more days a week (within Mon-Fri, days and hours negotiable)

preferred skills

・Have experience living or studying abroad/ have experience working in English

・Have practical experience in blog management, poster (and other) design, event promotion, etc., or have an interest in these fields

place of work

Coto Japanese Academy (one-minute walk from Iidabashi station on JR and subway lines)


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